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    Welcome to my website!

    Have you ever...

    ...searched online for a play for your school or youth group and felt downhearted when you couldn't find exactly what you wanted?

    ...wanted a book written especially for a child, and found that "personalised" books are too generic and that you simply have to provide your child's name? Hardly unique.

    ...looked for a pantomime script, and felt despondent because of ancient cheesy jokes and tedious outdated story lines?

    ...browsed for a sketch or speech for an event,something different and humorous, to no avail?

    I can help.

    Contact me

    Tell me what you want with a few details and I will send you a free quote. If you want to go ahead then I will need to know more details.

    Payment can be taken when we are both happy (bank transfer or Paypal) Alternately, look around my website at more collection of plays, pantomimes and books

  • My Blog
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